It’s time to revive and reform antitrust laws.

The Main Street Competition Coalition is a coalition of main street businesses and agriculture producers that are committed to promoting competition and reviving and and reforming the Robinson-Patman Act. We advocate for antitrust policies that ensure a level  playing field for the benefit of  both business and consumers.

Antitrust enforcement is not just a Big Tech issue.

Price discrimination, channel discrimination and exclusionary conduct that dominant firms use to limit competition are illegal under existing laws like the Robinson-Patman Act. These laws need to be updated and enforced to encourage competition across industries.

We are committed to increasing competition in retail and wholesale markets and giving consumers real choice. We are pushing for vigorous enforcement of the existing antitrust laws, like the Robinson-Patman Act, a law that prohibits economic discrimination but has not been enforced in more than 20 years. We are calling for Congress and the FTC to reassert the goals of the Robinson-Patman Act to prohibit anticompetitive vertical conduct that restricts competition, harms agriculture producers and limits consumer choice.

Our Goals

Restore a Free and Fair Marketplace

We plan to work with industries and businesses affected by abuses of market power to advocate for government solutions that restore a competitive marketplace throughout all sectors of the US economy.


The FTC should investigate anticompetitive vertical conduct between retailers and suppliers to determine whether monopolistic behavior of dominant firms result in economic discrimination that harms smaller rivals and consumers.

This should include the important issue of whether “channels of trade” distinctions are being used to evade laws against economic discrimination. In this and other inquiries, the FTC should look beyond price effects to include other dimensions of competition, including impacts on quality, service and convenience as a result of economic discrimination and increasing consolidation.


The FTC should use its authority under the Robinson-Patman Act to bring enforcement actions against anti-competitive economic discrimination. Congress should pursue rigorous oversight of the antitrust enforcement agencies to ensure that existing laws are being enforced.

The law is clear: The federal government should not allow dominant players to manipulate markets to the detriment of competition, American consumers and agriculture producers.


Congress should consider legislative reforms to existing antitrust laws that restrain buyer-side market power, prohibit anti-competitive economic discrimination and reflect a holistic consumer welfare standard.

These updates should be based on thorough investigations, studies and input from affected organizations and consumers.

Support the Coalition

Join Us

Membership to the Main Street Competition Coalition is open to organizations and businesses supportive of the coalition’s policy goals and objectives. Individuals, academics, and antitrust practitioners are also welcome to participate in the coalition’s advocacy. To inquire further, please contact us.


The National Grocers Association’s Fund for Fair Competition is accepting contributions to help finance the coalition’s legal, advocacy, and public relations activities. To find out more, please contact us or make an online donation.


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